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Book Club: Heather Lighton

Heather Lighton is a pretty busy lady, among her many skills she’s a top shelf photographer,  jewellery maker, and not to be gross—but a…

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Heather’s Japan

Heather Lighton has been a Good Good Girl since the beginning, and we’re always so happy to share her work. Last year she went…

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The Happy Street Cats of Turkey

Heather Lighton is a photographer, animal activist, and longtime GGG contributor and friend. This year she visited Turkey where she photographed the country’s many…

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Red: Ally

For our final instalment of Red, Heather Lighton’s series celebrating redheads, we meet Ally. Ally is currently roaming around the world and I miss…

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RED: Chloe

For the third instalment of her series Red, photographer Heather Lighton chats to fresh new face Chloe. Chloe is a vibrant, chatty, bouncy girl who loves food,…

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RED: Philippa O’Shea

This week our photo pal Heather Lighton is continuing her series Red by chatting to interesting ladies with beautiful hair. Next up is the multi-tasking…

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RED: Minna Gilligan

Despite the occasional freak out about the whole race dying out, red heads and our love for them seems eternal. So when one of…

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