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Weekend Reading: Part 8

After a little break from the column we’re back! We assume you’ve been okay without us, but just incase here are some great articles…

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Weekend Reading Part 7

Amid the fancy breakfasts, thousands of coffees, and piles of errands we hope you get a spare moment this weekend to indulge in some…

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Weekend Reading Part 6

Hopefully you’re spending your weekend being charming and amazing with your endless waves of friends and admirers. But everyone needs a little down time,…

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Weekend Reading Part 5

For some parts of Australia it’s a long weekend, so it’s the perfect time to curl up, settle down and pump your brain full…

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Weekend Reading Part 4

Alright, first reading list of 2014. You’re probably three weeks into saying fuck you to any resolutions you had in place. And good for…

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Weekend Reading Part 3

So it’s Meredith weekend, and if you’re reading this it’s because you probably don’t have the problem of figuring our how to fit 300…

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Weekend Reading Part 2

If you’ve spent the week hunched over your desk, dragging plates and glasses, helping 15-year-old try on $300 jeans, or just generally got punched…

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Weekend Reading

If you’re anything like us you have a giant soft spot for long read articles, you know the type: I was a transexual midwest…

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