August, 2014


Carla’s Corner IV

  Exploring the mind of the lovely Carla Uriarte for a special edition of Carla’s Corner.


Art Class: Jessie Lee Nash

We get a lot of emails at Good Good Girl, which is totally awesome, but when Jessie Lee Nash emailed up saying she dug…


Kathryn’s Sunday

Singer/songwriter Kathryn Rollins has become a firm Good Good Girl musical favourite. We can’t tell if we like her dark and intelligent take on…


Art Class: Jessica Butler

We came across Jessica through her illustrations for Noisey. But a little snooping into this amazing wack lady turned up a super cool young…


Weekend Reading Part 7

Amid the fancy breakfasts, thousands of coffees, and piles of errands we hope you get a spare moment this weekend to indulge in some…