About Us

Good Good Girl is a fully female populated and curated site. We’re a product of new wave feminism: women of our generation have overcome a lot of obstacles, and now need to resist the urge to keep fighting—against each other, ourselves, and our own expectations of what we should be. The next step, and one GGG hopes to take is to foster a culture of support and community with creative and independent women.

We take issue with the “I’m not a feminist movement”, we are feminists and we don’t believe it should be the dirty word it has become. Feminism isn’t fighting against men, it’s fighting to be yourself. It’s the freedom to express your own gender in your own way—be it not shaving your legs or running a blog. Good Good Girls aren’t shameful about any aspect of being a female.

On a larger scale GGG is a community and meeting place for like minded women to come together, network, and develop their own professional and personal circles.

It’s hard to describe a project like this; just like it’s hard to describe you, or me, or her, or them, or anyone. Because good things; good, good things aren’t describable. They’re too big, too complex, to flawed, and too much.

This is a site for anyone who finds it, who reads it, who writes for it, who shares it, or who ignores it.

We’re smart girls, we’re funny girls, we’re cool girls, we’re good girls.

UPDATE: After several happy years, Good Good Girl is no longer active. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and stick around to check out  our great content archive .