Art Class: Amy Pollock


Before we start, I just want to say when our buddy Amy technically hasn’t graduated from her photography degree yet. In fact when she showed us what she’d been working on we were so taken back by her distinct style and form we immediately told her to drop out of school*. The below images are from her  2013 folio. For the record she met us halfway, deferred, and is now living it up in NYC.

*Stay in school kids.

In this series I’ve presented the human as it is in its essence: raw and fragile. Our own bodies are the most important thing we have in this world, they’re what allow us to truly experience the intensities of life—both positive and negative. It seems obvious but we forget sometimes. Or worse, our vulnerabilities override our natural desires.

This series is not only an attempt to highlight the importance of embracing our bodies. It is my own intimate exploration of the destabilising effect of physical separation, the frustration and joy of being female and a celebration of all things physical.

Words and images by Amy Pollock



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