Art Class: Jessica Butler


We came across Jessica through her illustrations for Noisey. But a little snooping into this amazing wack lady turned up a super cool young artist with a love of pop culture and the absurd to melt our hearts. From painting, to band posters, and the funnest zines going she’s got  brains, mad skills, and a big (weird) future ahead of her. But we’ll let her introduce her self.

My name is Jessica Butler.

I am 22 years old.

I am a Pisces-Aquarius cusp, which confused me when I was little and would read my horoscope in magazines like Tiger Beat, and now makes me feel robbed of opportunities like buying an astrology keychain.

For fun I create things and try to do something different from what I’ve made before, be it the medium or the way I present text. I also watch horror movies (particularly ones from the 70s and 80s), go to junk shops to fill my living space with weird treasures, horror paraphernalia and trading cards (Garbage Pail Kids and Toxic High School are some favourites), read comics (right now I’m reading Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, just finished Lynda Barry’s My Perfect Life, and am currently really into the work of Baltimore artist Molly Colleen O’Connell), and go to art and music shows.

When I was a kid my hero was Nancy Drew.

Right now my heros are my friends who are creating and facilitating inspiring, exciting, and honest work whether through writing, music, art or any other platform.

When I can’t think of any good ideas I sometimes sit on my bed and look around my room which is super cluttered with things I collect, love, and find inspiring or interesting. If I’m not looking I’ll be laying and thinking, reflecting on interactions I’ve had, things that have been stuck in my head.Other times, I’ll  flip through zines and art books to help me get excited again about all of the different possibilities and ideas out there.

When I get stressed out I subconsciously touch my face a lot, talk to every friend I come in contact with, and make a list.

If I could go back to any time, and take one thing it would be an artifact from the Roswell UFO crash.

Every mixtape needs subtext, even if you deny that there is any. 

Every weekend needs something unexpected. 

The trick to being a functioning adult is not possible! If there were tricks, it would all be too formulaic.

This year I want to find a job working for an art/culture publication or anything in the creative field, continue making and showing my art and doing freelance illustration, make electronic music (and simultaneously get over my fear of gear), self-publish a bunch of zines, write more sort-of poems and continue meeting new people. 

Next year I want to be promoted at my job, start my own art/culture publication, have a studio/project/show space, throw shows and continue all of the above.

All you need is balance.




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