Art Class: Jessie Lee Nash


We get a lot of emails at Good Good Girl, which is totally awesome, but when Jessie Lee Nash emailed up saying she dug what we did it was especially awesome. Turns out other than being an excellent emailer, Jessie is a super cool young artist whose work explores gender and the female body. Conveniently two of our favourite things.

My name is Jessie Lee Nash.

I am 19 years old.

 I am a tall, dorky stranger who will unashamedly be a cliché and ask you what your sign is.

For fun I make art, look at art, eat maccas chippies.

When I was a kid my hero was the dude from Art Attack, lmao.

Right now my hero is anyone opposed to #WomenAgainstFeminism—so wack.

When I can’t think of any good ideas I rummage through photos. For many years I have made taking photos of trivial things a part of my everyday routine. At the time they may seem insignificant or pointless, but whenever I need motivation or inspiration I have thousands of photos to sift through. I figure that if each of these photos really do say a thousand words, that’s a lot of ideas!

When I get stressed out I bubble bath. Always bubble bath. Or candles. Or cuppa tea. Or all at once really.

 Every weekend needs good times and good vibes. And productivity! Do stuff!

The trick to being a functioning adult is to wake up!!! Embrace every hour that you are lucky to have, and be proactive! Then again, we all function differently so if you think sleeping in is delicious, then you should totally sleep in. You do you. You know what’s best.

This year I want to finish with good vibes. I have already learnt so much this year and have had an absolute blast in the meantime—it feels great! Good vibes, good times, etc. Just riding the waves of life into 2015 I guess.

Next year I want to go on an adventure to Europe? Finish my degree? I don’t really know. I want to do heaps of stuff but I suck at planning and rock at spontaneity so I can’t be too sure about what I will be doing next year. Good stuff I am sure!

All you need is happiness!!! Do what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place! No life is worth living if you aren’t having a good time.

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