Bad Bitch Choir’s Sunday


Bad Bit Choir have done the seemingly impossible by making being in a choir seem like the most fun possible. This group of baller girls spend their time churning out amazing renditions of your favourite shower songs, while clad in shiny outfits. When we found out about them we begged them to make us a list and give us a taste of their fabulous Sundays. 

The Bad Bitch Choir is an eclectic, if not nostalgic bunch of women as you can probably see from our playlist below. Sundays are a bit of a mystery as the choir meets on Thursdays nearing the weekend where we’re either playing shows or disappearing into our own unique worlds. When I asked the girls what Sundays meant to them and what songs were on their playlist, I got an array or responses like: Sundays are for Reggae feelz, chilled vibes, sultry bootie shakin’, salty sea breezes with a beer in hand. For some, Sundays were for family – producing images of relos standing around the kitchen cooking up a storm and bubs in arms. Some of the girls like their Sundays to be all about feeling sunny and smiley. Others liked to feel melancholy or nostalgic, playing songs that reminded them of their youth, or when they first met their girlfriends or songs that took them back to a simpler time in their life. All of us love Queen Bey, so she was always going to make number one in our collective Sunday playlist.

Recently the choir had the pleasure of joining Clare Bowditch and Adalita on stage for the winter secrets tour. The pair sang a duet of Adalita’s song ‘Dazzling’, which has been on high rotation on all of our Sunday playlists since.

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