A Hope Story

Let’s live in a weatherboard by the sea. Let’s live in a house that is closer to the fishes than the ferals and the…


Carla’s Corner IV

  Exploring the mind of the lovely Carla Uriarte for a special edition of Carla’s Corner.


Art Class: Jessie Lee Nash

We get a lot of emails at Good Good Girl, which is totally awesome, but when Jessie Lee Nash emailed up saying she dug…


Art Class: Jessica Butler

We came across Jessica through her illustrations for Noisey. But a little snooping into this amazing wack lady turned up a super cool young…


All Hail Sue Ford

Sue Ford was a ground-breaking Australian photographer and filmmaker whose work is now seen as a cornerstone of the 70s feminist photographer movement that…


Ariel Katz’s Eggbeater

This Thursday photographer—and one of our favourite Good Girls—Ariel Katz  is having her very own zine launch at City Library in Melbourne’s CBD as part of…

gggirl ill01

Two Green Bottles

Laura Helen McPhee-Browne is fast becoming our in house prose starlet. We’re so happy to start the week with another of her beautiful pieces….


Art Class: Minna Gilligan

You know when you watch a film, or read a book and there is a female character there who is so complete and perfectly…