Dana’s Sunday


Dana is the designer of Lenko and director of Lenko Boutique—Melbourne’s premier animal jumper destination. Other than running her very cute store she finds time to collaborate with bands on costumes and styling, —her current animal jumper muse/model is Chela.

Ideally, there’s not a moment of my day when I’m not listening to music. I like to wake up to music, shower to music, eat to music and Sundays are my weekend so I like to start the day dancing. Normally I’ll have a good sleep in and then need a bouncy tune to get me out of bed and into the sunshine. I call this ‘The morning song’ which often I get to share with friends overseas, we send each other a fresh new song to start the day. My brother was DJ and taught me about mixing music and the importance of song selection, so now when I’m buying for the shop or designing a collection I like to approach it like I would a mixtape. You need some party pieces, a few mellow moments and plenty of room to think and find yourself.



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