Good Good Eating: Chai Poached Pears with Granola and Greek Yoghurt


Pears are just coming into season; they usually get into full swing early Autumn. Incredibly versatile, they work as well in desserts as they do with more savoury flavours – they are one of my favourite additions to salads or to team with cheese.

Different varieties a better suited for cooking, we used Bosc pears in this recipe which hold their shape really well when they are cooked.

This is my ideal kind of dessert. It’s enough to kill the sweet craving, but is light and free from extra buttery sugary nasties so your left feeling good.

Poaching pears is also so simple, and stand so stoic that this is sure to impress any one about to indulge.

4 Bosc Pears peeled
Chai Tea – We used loose raw chain in this recipe but chai tea bags will work.
Greek Yoghurt (or Plain Natural Yoghurt)
¾ cup Granola (or oats, nuts, dried fruit, honey, whatever you have handy)
Vanilla pod (optional)

How to:
Use a pot big enough to hold the pears, it doesn’t matter if they will be lying down. Fill it with water (enough to cover the pears when they are put in) and heat the water through with chai, bring it to a low simmer and steep the tea until a strong brew has developed.

Place the peeled pears in the chai and let them simmer until cooked. Rotate them as necessary if they aren’t completely covered. Depending on the firmness of the pears, gently boil for 25-45 minutes. They should be soft enough to be easily pierced.

While the pears are cooking prepare the yoghurt and granola.

For the granola, store bought is fine. Or if you have a few things at home, gather what’s on hand from the pantry.

We placed a handful of oats, walnuts, dried cranberries, halved macadamias into a small baking tray covered with a drizzle of honey and roasted them for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

If you’re feeling it, mix some vanilla seeds through the yoghurt.

When ready, remove the pears with a slotted spoon. Serve them with the yoghurt, granola and get into it.

Words and Image by Melina Condos



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