Love + Sick Tunes = Kiriel


Kiriel is the totally charming DJ name for a few of our favourite Good Good Girl’s Ariel Katz and Kiri Tenana. Together they’re the coolest couple in town, and individually are total power babes. Kiri is a high power career woman with the sharp style and cool banter to match, and Ari is (in our opinion) Triple J’s brightest star and one of our favourite shooters. They’re very kindly playing our first birthday party, and we’re so excited for it we thought we should introduce them so you will be too.

Our names are Ariel and Kiri. Hello!

 If we chose them they would be Ariel and Turtle.

We are life partners.

We aren’t straight white sharks.

If we could be house mates with anyone it would be someone so chill that we literally do not even know that we had a housemate. “No scents.” – Kiri

If we could be best pals but not share a kitchen with anyone it would be Kathleen Hanna and Joan Rivers.

When we’re not playing music we are slaving away as corporate soliders.

If we had super powers they would be precognition and invisibility and we would like to think we’d use our powers for good.

In high school I was a hockey-playing dork and Kiri was distracted mostly.

If I could go back in time to any place it would be Ancient Egypt and I would be Cleopatra. 

The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was in primary school Kiri got a Natalie Imbruglia haircut and it didn’t work with her ethnic hair and all the kids called her Fuzzbob, and Ariel rode her bike into a parked car.

Hot dogs or burgers? Burgz for Ariel, nachos for Kiri.

 Cats of dogs? Either! Or turtles.

Instagram or Facebook? Insta 4eva.

What do you like best about each other? Everything <3

Check them out in the flesh out our party this Thursday!

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