Recipe Exchange: Warm Chicken Salad


This week’s recipe was lovingly sent to us by make up genius/home chef Livia Milazzo. If you want to be super cool like Livia and share your favourite I-can’t-be-fucked-but-I’m-an-adult-so-need-to-eat recipes with us drop us an email!

Warm Chicken Salad


Steam some rice ( white or brown)
Slice up some chicken breast ( measure for however many people)
Tear up and wash some cos lettuce
Slice up 1 avocado
A handful of basil leaves
Pan fry the chicken, add some basil in the pan


Olive oil & balsamic vinegar with salt and pepper

Arrange the cos in large leaves on the plate. Place desired amount of steamed rice over cos, top with chicken and finish with fresh basil leaves. Arrange avocado and dress with dressing.

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