Sinead’s Sunday


Sinead Stubbins’ writing is everywhere at the moment, which is awesome because she is the only person we know who can elevate burger talk to Joan Didion levels of insight. By day she’s the online editor at Melbourne’s long running Fashion Journal and keeps up an impressive freelance hit rate at the Vine, Elle, Noisey, as well as being one half of a top-notch all girl DJ crew. You has us at burgers.

I’m not one of those people who can have a big night and then go to work fresh as a daisy the next morning (re: I’m not cool!). For me Sunday nights are one part recovering from the weekend, one part putting on a face mask/ actually washing my face and two parts catching up on my stories. Because of this, I like listening to dull beats and George Michael: the facilitator of all my life admin nights.



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