The Good Good Girl Guide To The Emerging Writers Festival


At GGG we love writers. We want to shower them in $13 bottles of sparkling wine and take them to  mid-priced restaurants. Not surprisingly we’re also big fans of The Emerging Writers Festival, one of Melbourne’s many supportive arts events and a friend to anyone in the early part of their literary career. In fact we’re so excited about this year’s line up (which can feel overwhelming with all the goods) we thought we’d give you our picks for what to see, you know because freedom of choice is so 2013.

Thought For Food
During the golden age of food blogging (and the golden age of saying the golden age) Thought For Food explores the cult of food writing. If you’ve been wondering how you can get your vegan-gluten-free-organic-free-range blog to stand out from the other vegan-gluten-free-organic-free-range blogs it’s a must see.

Kill Your Darlings: Highbrow vs. Lowbrow
At GGG our favourite dinner party conversation is something we call Smart Dumb Talk. Pretty much it’s debating the cultural impact on the Simpsons—okay debating when it got shit. No one is more equipped to talk about the interceptions of the great high/low worlds than our literary favourites Kill Your Darlings.

Literary Sexting: Scum Magazine and Online Sex Writing
Come one, do you really want to be the only person in Australia not talking about sexting?

Who Can Tell Whose Stories?
We tend to romanticise storytelling, but in truth the ethics and moral dilemmas that surround it are complex. This stellar line up of John Safran, Alice Pung, Roslyn Oades, Isaac Drandic and Host Fiona Gruber will attempt to answer a question that plagues all writers: Am I the right person to write this?

The Black&write! Project
Other than having the best name going, the black&write! project  is a hub for Indigenous writers and editors thanks to their annual writing fellowship and editorial training program. Sadly historically artistic pursuits are often luxuries for the rich, but this amazing program is allowing a lot of young Indigenous writers the ability to get their work out there.

Rabbit Poetry Workshop for Under 25s
Being a writer is hard, being a writer under 25 is really hard. Take all the help you can get.

Desert Island Flicks: Writers at the Movies
Other than sleeping, fancy candles, and using the word sisterhood, movies are our favourite things in the whole world. Wait, talking about movies is our favourite thing. Also bonus points for our girl Brodie Lancaster of the great Filmme Fatales being on the panel.

The Early Words: About the Animals
We post way too many animal pictures on our Instagram to not check this out!

For more great events going on as part of the festival, check out their website.



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