Underrated Movie Heroines


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There are some women that for whatever reason just get all the cultural credit. Now we’re not saying they don’t deserve it, Diane Keaton did a lot for wide leg pants, but there are a few heroines that deserve some time in the sun.


Zoë Bell

Everyone makes a big deal about Uma Thurman being Quentin Tarantino’s muse, but his long-time stunt woman Zoë Bell was just as inspiring as Uma’s long legs and silky hair. The New Zealand wonder woman got her start on Xena: Warrior Princess (awesome) before becoming Thurman’s stunt double. She was so impressive in that role, without even showing her face, Tarantino wrote her into Death Proof. She, and that scene on the car hood, made the whole movie. Plus she really works a lip piercing.


Meryl Streep

Okay obviously she isn’t underrated, but rather in the specific category of Woody Allen female leads she doesn’t get a fair go. Sure there are Mia Farrow’s doe eyes, Dianne Keaton’s aforementioned style, and Scarlet Johansson’s whole body, but Meryl Streep’s icy stare and perfect silver mane in Manhattan leaves all those giggling sweethearts for dead.


Sadie Frost

Sadie Frost is mostly known as the chick Jude Law cheated on and Kate Moss’ best friend, but she should be known as the sexiest woman who ever breathed heavily after Bram Stoker’s Dracula. As with a lot of women mentioned she is often overlooked for a more fawn like actress (no disrespect Winnona, love you forever) but her turn as sexual volcano otherwise known as Lucy Westenra deserves some major attention. You’ll never look at a red dress the same. Plus her wedding dress is Christian Lacroix.


Greta Gerwig

Although she wrote and starred in 2012’s Frances Ha, there is still this feeling that Gerwig is forever criminally underrated. How can a beautiful, chic, amazing women create one of the most beloved films of the decade and still not be a household name? We see you sister, and we would really love to hang.


Paz de la Huerta

Sure she could have used more screen time on Boardwalk Empire, but we’re saying that just in life generally this girl is underrated. Dear universe, please cast her as your leading lady for the rest of 2014.



Underrated Heroines



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