Weekend Reading Part 6


Hopefully you’re spending your weekend being charming and amazing with your endless waves of friends and admirers. But everyone needs a little down time, so treat yourself to all the things you wish you’d found time to read during the week.

The Erasure of Maya Angelou’s Sex Work History
Earlier this year Maya Angelou passed away, and although there were countless heartfelt memorials to her and her work one thing is often quietly left out. In her youth Angelou was a sex worker. Although much is made of her being a survivor of rape, her sex work history seems to be too much for many people to mention.

The Big Business of Breast Cancer
Most of us at one time or another have worn a pink ribbon, put change in a tin, maybe ran a marathon, or gave our time to a breast cancer charity. And why wouldn’t we? Directly or indirectly it will undoubtedly touch all of us. But that $6 billion annually given has turned the disease into a target of exploitation by pink profiteers.

It Happened To Me: My Parents Adopted a Murderer 
Relationships with parents are already so complicated, but having them adopt an adult ex-prisoner who killed his own folks as a child is especially sticky. Amity Bitzel’s account of her parents bringing home Larry Swartz is a surprisingly relatable tale of family matters.

I’m For Sale
The biggest struggle for any young creative is the decision between choosing creative ambition and a stable job. Genevieve Smith’s thought provoking piece will have you debating all day over what happens when you realise you do need money.

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