Weekend Reading Part 7


Amid the fancy breakfasts, thousands of coffees, and piles of errands we hope you get a spare moment this weekend to indulge in some reading. We know you’re pushed for time, so to make the whole process of slowing down easier, here is something we prepared earlier. Enjoy!

Asylum Seekers Are Having Abortions To Avoid Raising Children In Detention Centres
This article from Lauren Gillin made a huge impression on us this week, not only for the heart wrenching look at the reality of being a women in detention but also started a lot of discussions about what women’s rights continues to mean. To be honest for days afterwards I felt conflicted about how our work at GGG was relevant, and was humbly reminded how lucky we were to be able to express ourselves and live freely.

Afghanistan Undone
Five years after she was kidnapped Journalist Melissa Fung returns to Afghanistan with the team behind Canadian Women for Women. The experience, although traumatising, forged a bond between her and the country and left her desperate to help the woman and children who face those dangers daily.

Sheryl Sandberg: What She Saw at The Revolution
Kevin Conley’s portrait of Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, is an interesting look at a quintessential “power women”. Married, wealthy, attractive, a perfect host, and one of the most powerful people at the company that changed the world. It’s a glimpse into the life of the one percent that have drawn the lines in 2014 of a modern woman who apparently has it all.

Being Gay In Iran
In Iran, being LGBTI can be a death sentence. For Farhad Dolatizadeh his journey through adolescence as a gay young man is a tough but touching portrait of family life. Without meaning to, it’s easy to carry stereotypes about other places, but his family’s support of his sexuality and dedication to protecting him is touching and familiar in any place. But when Farhad was outed by a well meaning Canadian television crew the binds of family, friends, and culture are tested and broken.

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