Zines, Comics, and Pretty Good Advice from Alisha Davidson


We always knew our Canadian pal Alisha Davidson made zines, comics,  awesome illustrations (the dogs are our favourites), and generally cool quips about daily life. But it wasn’t until we sent her a little Q&A to fill out for this profile did we realise that the artist also comes pre-packaged with some pretty cool world views. So treat yourself to some of her surreal lols, and a very tidy four-step guide to having a killer year.

My name is Alisha Davidson.

I am 26 years old.

I am an Illustrator. 

For fun I draw, a lot.  I’m also really interested in Icelandic culture, iguanas and Aquafit.

When I was a kid my hero was our neighbour who owned like 6 dogs, a bunch of chickens and a pot belly pig. This woman was “living the dream”, according to my 7 year old self.

Right now my heroes are any crazy ladies doing crazy things and not giving a shit about whether or not they’re being “ladylike” while doing it. Miranda July, Lisa Hanawalt, Helen Jo, Amy Poehler, Desiree Akhavan, Emily Heller, Tavi Gevinson, to name a few.

When I can’t think of any good ideas I just draw bad ones. Sometimes those bad ideas can turn into worse ones and eventually really bad ones, and that’s where things get pre-tty interesting.

When I get stressed out I watch dog videos. My current de-stresser is a series from the late 90s called Dogs with Jobs. I just watch it and think if Tiger can fight Grizzly Bears three times his size, I can get myself out of bed.

If I could go back to any time, and take one thing it would be it would be back to 1999 for my dignity.

Every mixtape needs “Girl From North Country” by Bob Dylan.

Every weekend needs less Sunday.

The trick to being a functioning adult is to try to not be a functioning adult….and floss everyday.

This year I want to draw more, travel more, eat more, repeat.

Next year I want to probably the same as this year, but with more repeating.

All you need is love?…..Wait I don’t think I understand this question.



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