A Special Message (And Mix) From Book Club!

Melbourne night Book Club is run by a bunch of party heroes committed to fostering local underrepresented talent with a focus on female identifying and gender non-conforming (GNC)…


The Return of Angie

Two years ago, musician Angie released her debut solo LP Turning and immediately became a Melbourne cult hero. Not that she came out of nowhere….



Below is a piece of original short fiction by writer Alice Bishop. Polyester-cocooned sleepers, punters—as the festival organisers call them—don’t wake to the single…


Andrea’s Sunday

Andrea Balency is a Franco-Mexican artist, singer, instrumentalist and producer who makes experimental soundscapes that are hypnotic, sensitive, and occasionally strangely alien. Between touring and…


Love + Sick Tunes = Kiriel

Kiriel is the totally charming DJ name for a few of our favourite Good Good Girl’s Ariel Katz and Kiri Tenana. Together they’re the…


The Busy, Busy World of Hazel Brown

Hazel Brown in a triple threat: musician, label founder, studio director, and probably the best dancer in sneakers born after 1980. Okay, so she’s…


Getting To Know GAMEGIRLS

Katy Roberts and Jess Hopcraft are best pals, party professionals, musical madwomen, and members of the greatest band Melbourne ever produced. They’re also part…