Million Dollar Pony Club’s Sunday


Across music media, there is a lot of discussion over, where are all the female DJs? And there are a lot of responses like, “Please stop asking that. There are litterally zillions of female DJs. Why don’t you quit writing think pieces and start booking us for shows.” Million Dollar Pony Club are luckily firmly in the stop-talking-and-start-partying camp, and for this year’s Melbourne Music Week they’re presenting a sick showcase of women in electronic music.

Before Au Dre, Passerine, Dear Plastic, and Kids At Midnight take over we asked the MDPC crew to offer up some tunes for us and asked them what the Sunday of a show looks like. Their mix is a selection from MDPC line up (minus Au Dre who aren’t on Spotify) and some of their favourite lady electronica makers from Australia and abroad. Oh what they call, their dream Million Dollar Pony Club line up.

“I’m a night owl and I love staying up till late writing, so Sunday morning is my chance to recover. After a monster sleep-in, I’ll ease into the day with eggs, strong coffee and some chilled beats. Some people can handle bouncy music in the morning but I can’t. I have to build the bpm as the day goes on. Once the caffeine kicks in, I’ll take my dog for a walk. I like to embarrass her and anyone walking with me by randomly rap squatting or busting out the running man. As such, I need something more upbeat to keep the vibe up. When I get home, it’ll be time to get ready for soundcheck, so I’ll break the playlist to do my 30min vocal warmups before I jump in the car and sing the last two songs on the playlist at the top of my voice.”

Million Dollar Pony Club’s Melbourne Music Week Party is happening this Sunday (15 November) at Transit Rooftop Bar in Fed Square. Oh yeah, and it’s Free!

Check out more Sunday mixes here!




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