Carla’s Sunday


With the weekend behind you, and Monday in front, Sunday nights are always a bit of a mix-bag. We’ve asked some of our favourite girls to make us a playlist to ease us into the week. First up is Carla Uriarte, our beautiful friend and occasional illustrator. When she’s not sharing her world view with us through pictures, or bringing ours to life, she populates her blog, DJs, and acts as one of Sydney’s resident manic-pixie-dream-girls.

At the centre of Becks “ I Wont Be Long (Extended Version)” 

Collect one hundred things that make you feel home again. You’re sitting on the couch and looking at who is next to you or thinking about who isn’t. You are not doing any of this because you are too busy crying over the fourth season of The Wire. Go away and come back very slowly. As you step on the warm part of the carpet close your eyes and forget to open them. You are relaxing on top of a body of water grazing the tips of your fingers on a tiny bush that you accidentally ran into. Your mind is restless but you like it. Dance slowly and tell your dog you love it. Tell your mum about the dog you need to love. Tell your friends that you are ready. YES, this is almost 100 minutes of awarded un awareness and it’s exactly what you are craving.





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