Remembering Kat Muscat With a New Writer’s Fellowship


Over her writing carer, Kat Muscat established herself as a leading young Australian voice. Her work spoke intimately and personally to subjects that people too often struggle to discuss. Kat’s articles were punctuated by insight, humour, tenderness, and a sharp understanding of current events and the most pressing issues in our society. She had a rare skill to be able to marry journalistic integrity with an ability to present her own experience with sometime startling honesty. Above all, her work was brave. 

When she died this year, we lost an irreplaceable commentator on sex, gender, mental health, and literature. But the community also lost a mentor figure. To honour her memory, and keep her efforts of working with, and encouraging, young writers going, the  Kat Muscat Fellowship has been established to support and develop young female-identifying writers and editors from around Australia.

For more information on who is eligible, and how to apply, head to the website.

Applications close on Monday 14 December.



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