Recipe Exchange: After Work Rice Bowl


A few weeks ago I got an email chain letter. Now the key word there is email, this isn’t like the ones people sent around in the 90s—do you remember them? For some reason the ones I got were always about undies and some 11-year-old pyramid scheme that would result in you getting 15 new pairs at the end of the month if everyone did exactly what they were supposed to.

My 21st century edition doesn’t promise 10-years of bad sex if you break the chain, but rather a bunch of cool easy recipes. The aim was for everyone to share simple delicious things they cook when they can’t be bothered cooking, to inject a bit of fresh life into our exhausted after 6 on a weekday lives.

So far this is the first chain email that seems to be working. Every few days I get a new email with an easy delicious recipe. I thought considering we’re a community of busy women why not share them all around.

If you have an easy meal idea email us and maybe you’ll see it online!

First up, was my very own Good Good Girl suggestion.


1 Cup of brown rice
1 Cup of quinoa
½ cup of edamame

½ block of tofu
Milk or egg
Bread crumbs (we like panko)
Oil for frying (coconut oil makes it extra yum)

A choice of:
Bean sprouts
Boiled egg sliced
Really anything you have

Combine to taste:
Soy sauce
Rice Wine vinegar
Sesame oil
Lemon Juice
Honey or a pinch of sugar
West African Peanut Soup

1. Cook rice and quinoa separately, do not even try save time by doing it together. Shell your edamame. When cooked, combine all together.

2. Slice all your toppings however you like them. Personally I like them super thin, but if you don’t have the time it doesn’t really matter.

3. Slice your tofu how ever you like, dip in milk or egg, then coat in crumbs. Lightly fry until golden.

4. Combine all your dressing. I shake it up in an old jar personally.

5. Put your desired amount of rice in a bowl, place toppings and tofu on top, pour dressing over.

6. Enjoy!

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