RED: Chloe


For the third instalment of her series Red, photographer Heather Lighton chats to fresh new face Chloe.

Chloe is a vibrant, chatty, bouncy girl who loves food, fashion, and life. Still in her teens, Chloe is sure to have some extraordinary journeys ahead of her. With a smile that goes “sha-shing” and a natural red fro, it’s hard to look away from this red lady. Never, ever, change that amazing hair girl.


Heather: First tell me a little about yourself.
Chloe: I’m Chloe, a massive foodie from Melbourne city. I’m from a place in East Africa called Mauritius, mixed with Anglo. I  like to consider myself  an extrovert who very much enjoys their me time. I enjoy long walks on the beach and movies nights. One day I hope to inspire people by creating content surrounding culture and diverse people.


Have you ever been given any red head related nicknames?
Not really, my friends like to call me afro, or redfro.


From my research on redheads there seems to be a stereotype that red headed women are fiery tempered and sexy, and red headed men are meek. How do you feel about these stereotypes?
Haha! I can’t argue with the stereotype for women, though I haven’t really met any red headed men to confirm that.


What do you like most about your hair colour?
It’s unique and a lot of people love it! I’m constantly running into people who compliment it and tell me how they struggle to find the perfect dye to this colour.


Is there anything you don’t like about your hair colour?
Not at all, I’ve always enjoyed my hair colour, I was always raised to embrace differences.


Have you ever changed your hair colour or wanted to?
I’ve always wanted to experience different colours and see how they suit me, but my family and friends always hold me back from touching my hair.


Do you think attitudes about red hair are changing?
Of course, it’s becoming more of a “trend”. Heaps of people, mostly girls, are changing their hair colour to red. It’s exciting and fun.

Words and photography Heather Lighton 

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