Shit You Should Know: How To Relax (With Per-Tim)


This might sound like a bit of a given, but you should know how to relax. When I was younger relaxing pretty much meant my mum stopped yelling at me for a minute to catch her breath; now I employ a house full of candles, rainforest CDs, meditation apps, and TV shows about 1920s lady detectives to unwind.

Bernadette Francis and Laura Albee Barton both come from full-on fashion backgrounds. Bern was the former buyer and visual merchandiser at Melbourne’s Alice Euphemia and upcoming name in her own right, and Albee is the brand manager at It label Kuwaii. I’d like to say it was this quest for zen that lead them to create Per-Tim, their new mad-fash-loungewear brand, but I think it was something about wanting a beach towel that wasn’t from a footy club. Jokes.

How ever it came about they’re pretty much due Prime Ministers of chillin’ now, and they gave us some tips.

Don’t be like Courtney. Less is more in bed.

First up: always, we repeat, ALWAYS wash your makeup off before bed. No matter how tired, horny, sick, or drunk you are it’s A MUST if you want to have lovely skin.

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Image via Broadsheet

Next, invest in good quality *cough PER-TIM cough cough* linen and wash it regularly—especially your pillows cases. You’re a grown woman, your mum isn’t here to do it. And who wants to sleep on slobber, hair product or tears? Me neither.


We don’t underestimate the most important part of our nightly ritual, Aesop B & Tea Balancing toner. Not to get all shopping channel, but it’s the one luxury that we can’t live without. It’s not too strong, not too light, smells of herbal goodness and completely feels like it’s toning your mind, body and soul. You will be in bed-time zen mode if you use it.


When you’re lonely in bed and have nobody to spoon, we put a pillow between our legs for comfort. OR you could get a cat! It’s a comforting feeling when they sleep in the nook behind your knee. You don’t need no man.


We’re both night owls and find it hard to unwind after a busy day of “taking care of business”. Most people would unwind with a bath or a hot tea, but the PER-TIMS fail-safe remedy for any easy send off to snooze land is to watch a documentary in another language. We guarantee you’ll be nodding off in no time.

Sleep tight!




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