Weekend Reading Part 2


If you’ve spent the week hunched over your desk, dragging plates and glasses, helping 15-year-old try on $300 jeans, or just generally got punched in the face and mugged of any free time we feel your pain sister. The Internet’s too big, there are too many words, too many thoughts, too many cats trying to fit into tiny boxes.

Here is what we’ve been reading this week to try and dilute all the GIF talk with a few, “Oh I read this interesting article” moments.

That’s Not How Breasts Work

Patricia Hernandez looks at the unrealistic portrayal of women in video games for her piece on kotaku.com. Interestingly she’s not talking about program developers obsession with the damsel or heavy sexualised violence, but rather the designers of Ryse’s struggles with “breast physics”.

Dear Men, Stop Explaining Rap Music To Women

I always find the intersection between sexism and rap music interesting, mostly because it doesn’t offend me. The whole gender divide in lyrics is so overblown all it makes me think is that those dudes are probably terrified of their mum’s and just talk big to impress their mates. What I find more tiring that the “bitches” talk is that people assume I don’t get rap because I have bangs. I’ll take the pussy talk over someone asking me if I mean TLC when I say I like hip hop.

DuckTales invented a new animated wonderland—that quickly disappeared

Lets break with gender for a minute, because I don’t think I need to justify to you why an article detailing the cultural impact of DuckTales is worth your time. Just get on it.

Long Way Home

Rosanne Cash is two pretty impressive things: an award winning musician and Johnny Cash’s daughter. She has a new book, but in this article she details her life and her dad during one of the less talked about periods  Johnny Cash’s career. Her mother,Cash’s first wife Vivian, has been arguably vilified in popular accounts of her father’s career; but it’s sad to see a portrait of the woman beside him before he became the man.



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