Weekend Reading Part 5


For some parts of Australia it’s a long weekend, so it’s the perfect time to curl up, settle down and pump your brain full of so much information you’ll be terrifying to everyone you meet for the rest of the month. One dose of weekly reading and you’re guaranteed to be the spitting image of Gore Vidal*.

*Figuratively, not in an eyebrows way.

No Animals Were Harmed

Most people are suckers for an animal on the big (or small) screen, but for as much as we proclaim to love them we’re probably not giving their starring role enough thought. Gary Baum’s piece for the Hollywood reporter might well ruin The Hobbit  for you—it’s hard to get into a movie that killed 27 animals during filming—but perhaps that’s exactly why you need to take the time to read it.

Last Meals

Everyone has sat around with a group of friends hypothesising about last meals, it’s funny how it always becomes such a fantasy focused on what we strangely perceive to be a great treat. Obviously the realities of a final mouthful are much more grim, the the politics around them more complicated that you’d ever consider.

The Invention of David Bowie

Okay sorry about the last two articles being huge downers, you probably don’t need that on the weekend. To balance it out check out Ian Buruma’s look the evolution of one of the most loved, and considered artists of modern times.

Jay Z On Raising Blue Ivy

Jay Z is in many ways a modern day Charles Foster Kane, a giant in the media that shapes our lives—but somehow impossibly illusive. The birth of his daughter with Beyonce (who needs a whole other post to begin to describe) was more comparable to the arrival of a 19th century royal heir than a A-list child, making Lisa Robinson’s feature on the two impossible to skip.

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